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Jun 20, 2022

Is retirement about taking a permanent vacation or about rejecting traditional labels, ideas and thoughts so you can create the next big chapter of your life, regardless of your age? This episode explores how you can plan for and create the next chapter of your life at any age.

John Windsor is a certified coach as well as a Broadway star who has an MBA, a Silicon Valley VP, and best-selling author who’s reinvented himself so many times that he knows where all the pitfalls are. His latest and best-selling book is called F*ck Retirement: Don’t Settle for a Lesser Life in Your Later Years.


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Episode Highlights

2:02 Traditional attitudes toward retirement

5:53 Origin of the term "golden years"

7:53 Why traditional attitudes toward retirement are problematic today

10:47 How to answer the question "what do you do?"

13:47 The problem with bucket lists

14:40 How people limit themselves as they age

16:48 Ageism in the workplace

20:12 How to cope when our minds sabotage our self-image as we age

23:28 How a distorted view of how we age affect how we plan for retirement

26:25 A definition of "retirement"

28:32 How to become a badass in your 80s or 90s

31:19 Key ingredients to thrive at any age

33:01 The "old person interview"

37:15 Ellen Langer's Counterclockwise experiment at Harvard

40:17 Framework for reinventing yourself in retirement or any life phase

46:28 Powerful question for taking stock of where you are in life

48:56 Mario Andretti and putting plans into action



What John sees as the greatest unmet workplace wellbeing need

“The word that that latches on to my brain is 'respect.' And coupled with that, is seeing people as people. Not as the job that they do, or the role that they have, or the expectation. See them first as people. And, put down the armor about 'my job,' 'your job.' Forget about the zero sum games...The more that you co create with people, and the more you see them as a person...all kinds of things can be opened up in terms of interacting, and sharing and growing and creativity.”


What “working with humans” means to John

“People are people. And we're in this together. [We can create] remarkable success when [we] treat people as people instead of just an employee. And it gets better for everybody when we do that.”



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