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Oct 24, 2022

Ever think that the extreme success astronauts, Nobel laureates and Olympic champions is out of reach for so-called regular people? Think again. Research on the world’s most successful people reveals that extreme high achievement is accessible to anyone who wants it and is willing to put in the work. This episode explores the methodological approach that people aspiring to improve their performance can adopt to achieve success.

Dr. Ruth Gotian is the Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology and former Assistant Dean of Mentoring and Executive Director of the Mentoring Academy at Weill Cornell Medicine. In 2021, she was selected as one of 30 people worldwide to be named to the Thinkers50 Radar List, and she is also a semi-finalist for the Forbes 50 Over 50 list. Her research is about the mindset and skill set of peak performers, including Nobel laureates, astronauts, and Olympic champions, which she writes about in her book, Success Factor: Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance.